Texas Legislative Status Report

April 2, 2023

Upcoming Bill Hearings Week of April 3

Wednesday, April 5:

House Pensions, Investments & Financial Services:

HB 2837 – Schaefer -- Prohibits credit card companies from “surveilling, reporting, or tracking the purchase of firearms ammunition” in Texas.  Use this link to comment remotely.

Senate Education:

SB 1721 – Paxton – Requires Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Ten Commandments donated privately to be displayed in school classrooms.

NOTE:  All hearing notices are linked from name of committee.

We Need to Push To Get Hearings on Key Bills

We are sitting at day 83 out of 140 in the 88th Texas Legislature. Time to start thinking about the end game.

If we have a bill that is coming only out of the House, to have a realistic shot at it passing the House and making it to the Senate, your bill needs to heard sometime in the next three weeks. The die is cast for this week, by and large, so we only have a chance at influencing what gets heard in the two following weeks.  I hope to get another blog post and email out about what bills to prioritize for that push and how to help push.

Here are looming deadlines:

Thu, Apr 20 (101st day) House – last day for committee to hear a bill and have realistic shot at passing House

Thu, Apr 27 (108th day) House – last day for a committee to report a bill and have realistic shot of passing House

Fri, May 5 (116th day) House – last day for a committee to be reported out of committee and have long-shot chance of making through Calendars to House floor

Mon, May 8 (119thday) House – last day for committees to report HBs and HJRs

Thu, May 11 (122nd day) – House – last day to consider 2d reading on HBs daily/supplemental calendar

Fri, May 12 (123rd day) – House – last day to consider 2d reading on local & consent calendar

Fri, May 19 (130thday) – House – last local & consent calendar 2nd and 3rdreadings

Sat, May 20 (131st day) – House – Last day for House committees to report SBs/SJRs

Tue, May 23 (134th day) – House – last day for House to consider SB/SJRs on daily/supplemental calendar

Wed, May 24 (135th day) – House – last day to consider 3rdreading of SBs/SJRs

                                             -- Senate – last day for Senate to consider all bills/JRs

Fri, May 26 (137th day) – House – last day to consider Senate amendments

Sun, May 28 (139th day) – Senate – last day to concur on House amendments

Mon, May 29 (140thday) – Last day of Texas 88th Legislature

Have Run Out of Time to Report on Progress last Week.

A number of bills we support moved forward last week.  Some are sill pending in committee.  More to come on that later.

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