Secession is moral and constitutional, but difficult, disruptive, and dangerous.

If you don't believe that secession is legitimate, you don't believe that either the United States or Texas - both born in secession - are legitimate.

But secession requires political will.  It is not the Staples EASY button.  So far, not a single state representative or state senator has introduced even a bill to have a non-binding referendum on secession.

It will take less political will and be less risky to try constitutional enforcement before secession.

And, constitutional enforcement could create the political climate that could lead to secession that does not exist, today.  When you stand up to a bully (via constitutional enforcement), the bully can back down -- or double down.  If we try constitutional enforcement, and the federal government has a tyrannical, violent response, that could move public opinion toward secession.

Many people think secession when we mention constitutional enforcement.  They say, "#TEXIT!"  But while both have the aim of liberty, they are different concepts.

With constitutional enforcement, you get liberty AND union.  You get to stay an American, while restoring the limited, constitutional republic that the framers intended.

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  • John Wilkes
    commented 2022-12-12 08:57:01 -0600
    You think the federal government can be fixed. The federal government cannot be reformed. The federal government has not been restrained by the chains of the Constitution for at least 100 years. Working to restore the Constitution and reform the federal government is a task worthy of Sisyphus. Texit is the only viable solution for Texans.