Executive Overreach

Texas Constitutional Enforcement does not have a bill that we are pushing this session, but we are engaged in insuring that we get a good bill that will insure that future Texans will be free from the tyranny of lockdowns, mask mandates, and intervention by government between patients and health care providers.

Click here to read a background article on the lay of the land related to Texas legislation related to executive overreach.

The Texas House leadership has signaled that they want to use HB 3 as the legislative vehicle on executive overreach.  Click here for a report on the testimony that occurred on this HB 3 in the Texas House State Affairs Committee on Thursday, March 11, 2021.

After the hearings on HB 3, we realized that a lot more limitations on the delegation of power by the legislature to the executive are needed is we are going to stop future Texans from suffering the tyranny we suffered in the last year.  Click here to read 8 amendments that are needed to avoid HB 3 from merely being a ratification of the tyranny that has already occurred and a codification of that kind of tyranny and more in the hands of future executives in Texas.


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  • Tom Glass
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