Call for Election Law Enforcement Special Session

The most important way Texas Republicans can prepare for November is to ensure that election law is enforced in Texas. To that end the RPT State Convention Platform and Resolutions Committee presented this vital resolution to the delegates on May 25, 2024 for a vote:

RESOLVED that the Republican Party of Texas calls upon Governor Abbott to call a special session in June, 2024 to increase election integrity. Specifically, the call should include the following:

  1. ELECTION INTEGRITY ENFORCEMENT: Legislation to implement independent state level prosecution of election integrity, abortion, human smuggling, sedition, and riot in response to and in compliance with the CCA State v Stephens.
  1. ENSURING THAT ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT VOTING IN TEXAS: Legislation to require proof of citizenship for new voter registration and a thorough review of existing voter rolls to identify and remove illegal aliens, other non-citizens, those with unauthorized non-residential addresses, and long-time inactive voters from the voter rolls.

Note also that similar measures were included in the top “Secure Texas Elections” priority reported by the RPT State Convention Legislative Priorities Committee.

The Soros-installed District Attorneys in the big Texas counties are unlikely to prosecute election cheaters in November. The Court of Criminal Affairs (CCA) has taken away independent, state-level prosecution of election law away from the Attorney General. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz need the prosecution in place by November to provide a credible threat to cheaters, but the lame-duck Texas House that impeached Ken Paxton is unlikely to return prosecutorial power to him.

We have a path forward to election law enforcement without a constitutional amendment and without giving prosecution back to the AG. The solution is to create a State Prosecutor Office under the Texas Supreme Court consistent with the CCA State v Stevens opinion. Senator Bryan Hughes passed such a bill (SB 1927) out of committee in 2023.

While we are at it, to address the alarming warnings that the feds and NGOs under Biden are registering illegals on a mass scale, we need to also send a shot across the bow of the cheaters, reminding them that registering or voting as an illegal and knowingly helping illegals register is a crime in Texas.  Publicity about starting the process of cleaning up voter rolls, especially of illegals is also a vital part of defending the vote in November.

We just need Governor Abbott to call a special session to put these measures into effect in the nick of time in early October. Please contact Governor Abbott using this link to urge him to make the special session call.

We expect to get the news that the RPT delegates passed this call on Governor Abbott any day now.

Governor, no law is any good if not enforced! Please give Trump and Cruz every tool needed ensure that Texas is not stolen from us in November.

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