Voting Harder

How is trying to elect better representatives to D.C. working for us?

The feds will never limit their own power.

Texas could elect 36 perfect constitutional champions to Congress and 2 perfect constitutional champions as our U.S. Senators, and they would still be swamped by the numbers from day one and the corrosive culture of D.C. would immediately go to work on them, until they became representatives from D.C. to us instead of the other way around.

D.C. is broken.  Focus on Texas state and county offices and get them to enforce the Constitution.


If suing in federal court is the Goliad approach to fighting for liberty, sending good men to federal office from Texas is the Alamo approach.  Our constitutional champions that we send as representatives to D.C. are heroes.  They get good publicity for liberty.  They even help slow the tyrant down a bit.  But, ultimately, they lose the battle.


Constitutional enforcement is the San Jacinto approach to fighting for liberty.  You fight on your home turf, and you pick the time and place for the battle.  That is how we win back our liberty!

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