23 Legislative Agenda

Texas Constitutional Enforcement

2023 Legislative Agenda

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Three Main Categories:

  • Resist the Great Reset and ESG Scoring Destruction of Texas Business:
  • End Texas Executive Overreach and Protect Texas Medical Freedom
  • Protect Texans from Federal Unconstitutional Acts and Border Invasion

I.  Resist the Great Reset and ESG Scoring Destruction of Texas Business:

Right to Use Cash and Cash Substitutes Amendment to protect the natural right to hold and trade with any medium of exchange including cash, coin, digital currency, and scrip. (Platform Planks 46 and 100, Previous) 

Cut off doing business with Texas government and subdivisions for ESG Discrimination by businesses against Texans. (Platform Plank 46)  HB 982 Toth – prohibits contracts w Texas & subdivisions if company implements ESG standards.

Texas pension disinvestment for companies engaging in ESG discrimination against Texans (expanding SB 19) 

Anti-ESG Bill – Stop European Parliament from imposing ESG standards on Texas businesses via supply chain requirements by prohibit companies doing business in Texas from implementing ESG standards or forcing suppliers to implement ESG standards required by foreign statutes that require companies to do so for access to those markets. 

Bill implementing Trump Fair Access to Financial Service Rule in Texas law – Texas Fair Access to Credit Act. (Platform Plank 46, Draft) 

Stop SEC implementation of ESG Scoring in Texas – citing logic of West Virginia v EPA – probably in form of resolution 

Protect Freedom-to Travel Assaults by Feds  -  see TURF legislative agenda


  1. End Texas Executive Overreach and Protect Texas Medical Freedom

Stop Mandatory Vaccinations - Constitutional amendment to add provision to Texas Bill of Rights to protect natural, unalienable right to decline vaccination.  (Platform Plank 137, Draft)

Stop Executive Overreach -- Amend Texas Disaster Act to ensure that we never get lockdowns or mask mandates again and to stop open-ended criminal penalties for which executives define offense.  Put conditions on delegation of power that legislature must approve emergencies after short time. (Platform Planks 20 and 21)

Gain-of-Function Accountability – ban gain-of-function research in Texas (Platform Plank 182)

Unbiased collection of Vaccine Injury Data in Texas -  (HB 1313 Burrows/SB 403 Springer)


III.       Protect Texans from Federal Unconstitutional Acts and Border Invasion

Texas Sovereignty Act – Joint legislative committee recommends unconstitutional federal acts for declaration by legislature and governor. (Platform Plank 33, Previous)  -  HB 384 (C Bell)/SB 313 (Hall)

Refusal to Assist Officers of the Union Act – AG declares unconstitutional federal acts and state agencies and subdivisions prohibited from assisting feds. (Platform Plank 33) – HB 262 (Swanson)/SB 242 (Middleton)

Rule-of-Law Enforcement – Give a statewide official independent prosecutorial authority in addition to DAs for Official Oppression, Sedition, Rioting Offenses, Election Integrity, maybe other.  (Platform Plank 188, Previous) [Note:
Texas Sovereignty Act must be modified to address Court of Criminal Appeals opinion that legislature cannot delegate independent prosecutorial powers to AG.]

Run Texas Elections Separately from Federal Elections – HB 294 (Schofield)

Resist FBI Weaponization Against Texans --  Texas law prohibiting no-knock and nighttime federal raids in Texas against Texas citizens, stating that violation is punishable under Texas Official Oppression Act.  Draft.

Let Texans run Texas disallow Texas subdivisions from receiving federal funds with strings attached.  (Platform Plank 84)

Border Security and Invasion – Laws to:

  • Stop the magnet – cut off taxpayer services to non-citizens (Platform Plank 250) (RPT Priority)
  • Legislative Declaration of Invasion – required deportation by Texas and subdivision actors when capture illegals during invasion (Platform Planks 257 and 260) and statutes requiring LEOs and military to repel or remove during invasions.
  • Criminalize Aiding and Abetting Invasion – and keep civil asset forfeiture for those who aid and abet cartels in human trafficking in violation of federal and/or state law.
  • Build a Texas wall – prioritize next wall portion by data about crossings.

Stopping federal firearms infringements including protections for intrastate manufacture and sale of firearms (Platform Plank 32).

Anti-corruption process improvements – create Texas procedures for and pre-empt FBI investigation into city, county, school corruption.

Protect the Texas National Guard – HB 184 (Slaton)

Don’t Mess With Texas Elections – no more funding from outside Texas for Texas races.



Here are links to the Powerpoint presentations used at our 2023 Texas Constitutional Enforcement Legislative Agenda Workshop:

  1. Keynote Presenation to TCE 2023 Legislative Agenda Workshop
  2. Texas Resistance to Great Reset Presentation to TCE 2023 Legislative Agenda Workshop
  3. Medical Freedom Presentation to TCE 2023 Legislative Agenda Workshop
  4. Federal Pushback and Border Security Presentation to TCE 2023 Legislative Agenda Workshop

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  • Terry Wareham
    commented 2023-01-20 10:31:25 -0600
    This is a fantastic agenda, however, not necessarily the agenda of our Texas Legislature!
    We need to make sure Legislators know what kind of representation we their constituents are expecting!
    Make your voices heard often, (be polite) but often. If they fail make sure you are looking for their replacement.
  • Kimberly Jacobs
    commented 2022-12-16 16:52:34 -0600
    Thank God y’all are doing something! These “conspiracy theories “ coming true is going to be the death of America if she doesn’t take control and stop these from raping and pillaging her. Thank you for standing up for Texans! Hopefully other states will fall in line and not be like New York or California. God bless!
  • Tom Glass
    published this page in Legislation 2022-12-15 14:33:51 -0600