Kangeroo Impeachment

The very first section of Texas Government Code Chapter 665, the law that governs impeachment and removal, describes the proper process for impeachment. There is an order to an impeachment proceeding.
The order is: 1) bring articles of impeachment. 2) investigate. 3) If evidence, vote.
House leadership has not followed that process. Instead, it has 1) Investgated in secret. 2) brings articles of impeachment without any presentation of evidence or due process. 3). Forced a rapid fire vote without transparency, defense or cross examination.
Beria, the head of the KGB under Stalin once said, “Show me the man. I will show you the crime”
In other words, this is a Pearl Harbor sneak attack, a blitzkrieg, and a trumped up (pun intended) kangaroo process. It has all the hallmarks of one of Alinsky’s most cherished tactics - targeted personal destruction.
Here is a email sent out from Grassroots America We The People that includes a statement by Rep Matt Schaefer, who is an attorney.

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