Right to Decline Vaccination

We all have a natural, unalienable right to refuse vaccination.  Because both the federal and state judiciaries have done an abysmal job of protecting un-enumerated natural rights, it is time to enumerate it in the Texas Constitution.

Here is proposed language for an additional section in the Texas Bill of Rights:

The unalienable natural right of the people to decline vaccination or any treatment that modifies DNA shall not be infringed.  Because the right is unalienable, it cannot be bargained away, and therefore vaccination or DNA modification shall not be made a condition of employment, travel, attending educational institutions, doing business, receiving medical care, receiving governmental services, or any other action.

Note how important the concept of unalienable rights, found in the Declaration of Independence, is to this issue.  It is the fact that the right is unalienable that prohibits employers or other private parties from violating it.

Unalienable rights are associated with bodily autonomy.  Individuals have the unalienable right not to be slaves, to decline sex, and to not be punished in cruel or inhumane ways.  If a right is unalienable, you can't bargain it away in a private contract.  Such contract is, as the lawyers say, "contrary to public policy."

We shopped this idea to legislators during the general session of the 2021 Texas Legislative Session, but had no champion emerge.  We will be trying again in 2023.

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  • Michael Turner
    commented 2023-01-06 14:57:29 -0600
    This one is so important. The left says people have a choice of what to remove from their bodies (abortion) but then deny my/our ability to choose what goes IN
  • Trisha Marinelli
    commented 2021-08-20 12:44:08 -0500
    Amen and thank you. God Bless this mess of America we are now in.
  • Tom Glass
    published this page in Legislation 2021-07-09 12:54:12 -0500