Right to Decline Vaccination

We all have a natural, unalienable right to refuse vaccination.  Because both the federal and state judiciaries have done an abysmal job of protecting un-enumerated natural rights, it is time to enumerate it in the Texas Constitution.

In the 2023 88th Texas Legislature, State Senator Bob Hall has filed SJR 84 and State Representative Steve Toth has filed its companion HJR 114.  Each proposes to add an additional section to the Texas Bill of Rights and if passed by 2/3 vote in both the Texas Senate and Texas House will be presented to the people for a vote on November 7, 2023.

Here is the language that is proposed to be added to the Texas Bill of Rights by SJR 84 and HJR 114:

An individual has the unalienable and natural right to refuse a vaccination.  The vaccination status of an individual may not be made a condition of employment, travel, school or other educational institution attendance, conducting business, receiving medical treatment, receiving governmental services, or any other action in this state.

Note how important the concept of unalienable rights, found in the Declaration of Independence, is to this issue.  It is the fact that the right is unalienable that prohibits employers or other private parties from violating it.

Unalienable rights are associated with bodily autonomy.  Individuals have the unalienable right not to be slaves, to decline sex, and to not be punished in cruel or inhumane ways.  If a right is unalienable, you can't bargain it away in a private contract.  Such contract is, as the lawyers say, "contrary to public policy."

Click here to download a one pager on this bill.

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  • Tom Glass
    published this page 2023-03-10 07:08:00 -0600