Is the Supreme Court our Supreme Ruler?

The Supreme Court has said in numerous cases that it is the final arbiter of constitutional meaning, so declarations of constitutional meaning by Texas will have to yield to what the U.S. Supreme Court says.  Don’t you agree?


The states created the federal government.  The states are the masters, and the federal government is the agent of the states, not the other way around.

Nowhere in the Constitution is the power of final arbitration of constitutional meaning delegated to the federal judiciary.  Any Supreme Court opinions to the contrary are interpretations of the text.  An interpretation by the Supreme Court saying that the Supreme Court is the final interpreter is circular reasoning, and is contrary to the fact that the states are supreme and the federal government is the agent of the states.

The unconstitutional notion that Supreme Court justices are our supreme rulers is what has gotten us into this upside down mess where the federal government is considered by itself and many others to be supreme.

The supremacy clause in Article VI says that it is the Constitution and laws in pursuance thereof that is supreme.  It does not say that the federal government or the U.S. Supreme Court is supreme.

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