Summertime Reading for Constitutionalists

I can’t believe that it is summer, already!  I am told that some folks take vacation during the summer and have a bit more time to read. Here are some summertime reading suggestions to help grow your knowledge about and ability to argue for some of the issues we care about here at Texas Constitutional Enforcement:

Resisting the Great Reset

  • The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty by Michael Rectenwald
  • The Great Reset by Glenn Beck
  • Woke Inc by Vivek Ramaswamy
  • If it Ain’t Woke Don’t Fix It by Ben Shapiro

Books to be released soon which I have on pre-order:

  • Dark Future: Uncovering the Great Reset’s Terrifying Next Phase by Glenn Beck
  • You Will Own Nothing by Carol Roth


Border Security

  • Overrun by Todd Bensman

Medical Freedom

  • Rise of the Fourth Reich by Steve Deace & Daniel Horowitz
  • A Plague Upon Our House by Scott Atlas
  • The Courage to Face COVID-19 by Peter McCullough & John Leake
  • Lies My Gov’t Told Me by Robert W. Malone
  • I Do Not Consent by Simone Gold MD JD

Federalism and Pushing Back on Federal Tyranny

  • The Founding Fathers' Guide to the Constitution by Brion McClanahan
    Constitution Owners Manual by Michael Maharrey ( Mike Maharrey)
  • Compact of the Republic: The League of States and the Constitution
    by David Benner (Dave Benner)
  • Sovereign Duty by KrisAnne Hall
  • Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
  • What Degree of Madness? Madison’s Method to Make American STATES Again
    by Joe A. Wolverton, II, J.D.
  • County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope by Sheriff Richard Mack
  • Stolen Sovereignty by Daniel Horowitz
  • Restoring the Lost Constitution by Randy Barnett
    A Brief Enquiry into the Nature and Character of our Federal Government
    by Abel Upshur (see files section for an electronic copy)
  • A View of the Constitution of the United States by Tucker St. George
    (see files section for an electronic copy)


NonCompliant by KrisAnne Hall

NC2: The Sheriff by KrisAnne Hall

Fun Constitutionalist Fiction

For gripping fictional accounts of near-term dystopian futures we are trying to avoid:

  • All 7 of Kurt Schlicter’s Kelly Turnbull series, starting with People’s Republic
  • A compilation of the late, great Mike Vanderboegh’s book Absolved which was only published incompletely in chapter format online.

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