When Texas arrests feds, won't they remove the case to federal court?

If the Texas Sovereignty Act passes, and the legislature and the governor declare a federal act to be unconstitutional, and a federal agent attempts to enforce the unconstitutional act in Texas, and a Texas lawman arrests and a Texas prosecutor prosecutes a federal agent, what is to stop the federal government from removing the case to federal court and to drop the charges?


First, the federal Ninth Circuit issued an opinion that it was improper to remove the state of Idaho murder case against Lon Horiuchi for the murder of Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge.  Even if that improper action would occur, the state does not have to stop its case, nor does it have to allow federal marshals to remove the prisoner.

Enforcement of any law, especially the supreme law, requires the courage to stand up to the lawbreakers when they resist being held to account.

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